Wandering Dreams

Lonely ranger,
Who chased the winds?
As freedom paths
On dusty nights.
I walk the rocky desert, as it develops into this town, out of this world, enlightened by the firms, but the streets make up a maze inside this tree that grows on the back on a huge cougar that jumps over a rift, with his thoughts scared by some smoking gun, crying a prayer to the moon next to the sun which lights passes through the yellow-red leaves of the tree that I admire in this dream I wish I never end while I wander inside your dreams to understand some miracles I’ve seen dispersed like snowflakes in front of your mysterious deep eyes.

Lonely ranger,
Come dig out my soul.
I wish…
It weren’t so hard to fly
(to die)
I wish the angels who catch us
When we take the step
Would be more and more
So no one would pass
To the eternal mist.
I wish no snowflake
Would die in your arms.

22. February 2009 by Alex
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