Under the Skies

Oh, there you stay
Goddess of unforgiving
looking to my misery
smiling on eternity.

I may be lying under horizons
Oblivion for all my last sins
Memories which kill the soul
of the insomniac who ruled the world once.

Now I see your fortress of our fears!
I barely can wait
to overcome its walls
to bury the remains.

To bury my dead sickness
to keep melting my sins
to take the final leap
to bury my dead skin.

As you look through me,
Ancient Goddess of lust,
I feel my heart been freeze.
but my soul keeps pouring a heat.

The battle within these skies
me, and you having the world upon us.
I want you to see you crawl
for billions of souls…

06. November 2007 by Alex
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