Metonymic acts
conjuring my thoughts
I wander these grey lands
Painting my two exits.

I manage to freeze time
but not for long, my hope
I also have the power
to make you hold my soul.

There’s no defeat in fighting
But the easy running away
From dreams we’ve made,
From battle’s ground.

I wander the vast desert
I ask billions of questions
I don’t seek for forgiveness
or any pity instead.

Mistakes must die
Lessons have been learnt
we ask for no one’s mercy
as we have made a choice.

Despite all the good reasons
I’d like not my soul’s deaths
Silent mourners of my future
Silent and guilty escapes.

Again it’s me alone
Waiting for that train to come
Maybe it has my hopes
I prey for that, my Lord.

02. November 2007 by Alex
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