song on mute

die and resurrect
your angels shall be fighting

when the sun rises above
the fog of the unrested sea
clouds open the light
for the forgiveness.

my arms cover the dust
the winds blow me away
flying towards the blue
now i sit between the two.

the dark and the white
for the same reason to be.

one cold burning sword
the other Toledo born
kneeling to their masters
serving beside myself.

the song no one will write
the words no one will shout
the pages no book will have
explaining someone’s hell.

i try to find the words to make peace
inside my mind
to understand the meanings
the purpose to unveal
the way to disapear.

the falling of one angel
lucifer’s lesson
not to be forgiven
not to be learnt;
always loosing the wings
coward to stand aside.

die and resurrect
maybe you’ll be the one
to have above your head
your angels who are fighting.

10. October 2007 by Alex
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