quick thoughts over an Angel

Stay aside and fight
the vanity and fear
within my shadow!
…burn the useless fake prophet
“the Lord is the sheperd”
“the Lord is the saviour!”
forget…the empty words
spreading like disease
over the souls
of a silent human being!
angel of vengeance
burn the wounds
that live inside
everyone who dies
everyone who cares
everyone who matters
everyone who rises!
destroy the pattern of modern life
inflict the power of kids,
thy He has the power!
And loves the being universe
hailing crusades to destroy
the living in us
haunting the light
and praising the dark
humanized evil…
fly over the temples
paint in blood
the innocent clouds
bring the pain,
Angel of vengeance!
Fight the evil
overcome the storm
rapture the souls
bring us back
and ignite a whole new

10. October 2007 by Alex
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