no one’s secret

the secret I hide
everyone has inside
the overdose of dreams
which i cannot blame…

wandering this planet
everyone has the right
to hide under the tree
living on that hill.

the bride on a bed
trucks entering a cake
dying light on the wall
all that you will never end.

maybe is there
maybe you live in here
maybe you dint live at all
certainty may not be the way.

what’s your secret?
then she asked
never complaing
of the life on plain…

take my mad dreams
take my breath
breathe out your tasteless one
i’ll show you how to drive this..

flying gas revolutionary bottles
green in flames is what they see
on to cleanest grey on sharpest Benz
moment is there, they deserve it on full account.

never to be said
the secret has died in us
maybe we’ll have the power
revert it to overcome…

10. October 2007 by Alex
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