morning to be blurred

– hey, wake up…- shut up against the walls, make the morning to last for ever
– hear my whisper, ’cause i pray to that…
– hey, i dont trust a word
– maybe you saw thousands of them
– of what?
– of unreal words to crush away…
– i dont want my eyes to open
– and how you’d speak to me?
– you dont need to speak to me as i hear your skin
– maybe we’re alone on Earth
– alone on what reasons?
– alone due to the dying morning….
– until my prayer will do it right….
– until then i mourn the morning, for its dying seconds…
– hold the sheets to make the sail….
– i dont see them nor feel them either…
– stop pretending to be dead on me….
– hey, shut up against the walls or make this morning to last forever..
– shhhh, as i whisper we’ll make this ship to cast away….
– to where?
– from where ? might be the question…
– so…
– from the place where the sunrises die….
– to…
– to the place where the mornings will never die…
– well now….
– shhhhh, now hide into my arms…and we fly…
– …please, last forever for my dreams to …. shhhhh….

10. October 2007 by Alex
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