Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s ladder, take me where He wants me…

Spinning present into the future
vortex of feelings, chaos for thoughts
remorse for all unwilling words
that pass like bullets
from one’s dark side
to other’s warm soul…
i’d know the reason
for there’s no treason
but who’s going to plead
in front the judge of destiny?
halfs to go away
smiles to fade on cry
dreams who try to fight
one’s struggle to survive
one’s struggle to become…
(a half)
for they not care,
the sphere burns inside the Styx.
We search the light,
though torn apart.
Memories undying
moments we shared
love they speared
they must pay the ransom
for the desired silence…

indeed, faith is a weapon,
no matter all that happened,
…the future must have her happy!

Jacob’s ladder, take me where He wants me…

black and white,
good or wrong
demons and angels,
Mr Singer, where do they want us?

24. October 2007 by Alex
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