Hourglass, The Same

Another song to …

The guardian I ask

The guardian I curse

The guardian I prey to

The guardian I run of…

Who’s the one to matter

You sing that through my letters!

The quest for promised lands

A mountain with infinite forests.

Hey, you, who cut the waves

My ship to my collection of dreams

Sailing to the future

Deaf to any illusory song on the Cyrenaic sea.

I’m no flying Dutch, no noble corsair

Despite them all and their voice

I hide for now to look myself

Watching the only important hourglass.

He rests in me, though damn me, if I seem too coward

to have the Faith to watch Him straight.

I’d like to see that coming

I only saw the fire.

Where are the stocks of prayers

Where is the power which they reside?

The words are obvious, the answer is simple,

’cause in the end… we have the Faith that cares.

29. October 2007 by Alex
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